Submerged Arc Furnace Transformers


The Submerged-arc furnace transformer for phosphorus production is a particular sub-type of electric arc furnace transformer used to produce phosphorus and other products. Submerged arc furnace transformers are mainly used for the production of ferroalloys. The nomenclature submerged means that the furnace's electrodes are buried deep in the furnace burden.

Several industries and manufacturing units have arc furnace, ladle furnace and induction furnace for which they need a highly dependable furnace transformer to supply power. We have designed and supplied various types of furnace transformers up to 24 pulses with multiple windings, up to and including 50 MVA, 66 KV Class. Our heavy-duty range of transformers is tested to work under rigorous conditions and can overcome any fluctuations in currents and voltages.

With inhouse design facility our Submerged Arc Furnace transformer are known for their robust, Sturdy design and Long Life. Most of Customers are repeat Customers.

Submerged Arc Melting Transformers are manufactured in 3 Phase and Single-Phase System.

Product Details:

Three phase units are:

  • Tap windings are in series with main HT windings in one core frame and in one tank with OLTC.
  • Tap windings are separated through auto transformer in addition to main transformer, but both the transformers are in one common tank.
  • Tap windings are through an auto transformer in separate tank with OLTC and the main transformer is in another tank.

Single phase units are:

  • Three single phase units having each, consisting of Tap windings in series with main HT windings in one core frame and in one tank with OLTC .
  • Three single phase units having each unit consisting of separate Tap windings through Auto Transformer in addition to main transformer and in one tank with OLTC.
  • Three single phase units having each unit consisting of only main transformer. The OLTC & three phase auto transformer shall be in separate tank.


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