OLTC Fitted Transformer ASVR


On-load tap changer (OLTC) transformer, also known as On-circuit tap changer (OCTC) transformer, is a tap changer in applications where a supply interruption during a tap change is unacceptable, the transformer is often fitted with a more expensive and complex on load tap changing mechanism.

The present product range of KVA Process includes ASVRs in 6 KV, 11 KV, 33 KV & 66 KV, system and up to 50 MVA. We also manufacturer tailor made equipment as per requirements of our customers.

Product Details:

OLTC Fitted Transformers are available in three types :

  • If the variation of input high voltage is within 15-20% of the rated voltage; the step-down transformer can be provided with ON LOAD TAP CHANGER (OLTC). The voltage sensing relay of the OLTC panel choose the suitable tap automatically resulting the regulated output voltage.

  • If the variation of input high voltage is more than 20% of the rated voltage, the OLTC is attached with a star connected high voltage auto transformer having suitable taps in addition of normal step-down transformer and placed in the same cabinet. The Voltage sensing relay of the OLTC panel chooses the suitable tap automatically and regulated HT voltage (+/1-%) from the auto transformer is fed to the step-down transformer.

  • If normal step-down transformer had already been installed or if the capacity of the step-down transformer is very high (more than 2 MVA); the regulator is made in separate cabinet. This type of regulator consists of an auto transformer with OLTC Regulated HT voltage from the regulator is fed to the step-down transformer.

This is the most modern design of high voltage regulator used to correct the variation in HV supply voltage. This are available in 4 voltage range i.e., 6KV, 11KV, 33KV & 66KV. This type of regulator corrects the supply voltage by means of ONLOAD TAP CHANGER SWITCH.

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