Earthing Transformers


A grounding transformer or earthing transformer is a type of auxiliary transformer used in three-phase electric power systems to provide a ground path to either an ungrounded wye or a delta-connected system. Grounding transformers are part of an earthing system of the network.

Earthing transformers are classified as standard reactors. An earthing transformer (neutral coupler) is a three-phase transformer connected to the power system to provide a neutral connection for earthing, either directly or via impedance. The earthing transformers may in addition supply a local auxiliary load.

A zigzag transformer is a special-purpose earthing transformer with a zigzag or "interconnected star" winding connection, such that each output is the vector sum of two phases offset by 120°.

The earthing transformer creates a neutral point for a network. ZN connection is usually applied. Z connection provides linear and specified zero sequence impedance. YN+d can also be applied.

Product Scope

Voltage level: up to 170 kV

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