Induction Melting Furnace Transformers


Induction Furnace has a coil constructed from heavy copper tubing. It is designed and tuned to the inverter circuit which applies a medium frequency (generally 500 Hz or 1000 Hz) voltage to the Induction coil. The magnetic field produced by the induction coil induces eddy currents in the charge and heats it. Medium frequency is necessary to enhance the rate of heat generation.

The inverter circuit requires for its operation a D.C. Voltage which is obtained by converting available three-phase A.C. Voltage. Transformers which are used for transforming available three-phase A.C. voltage to the required voltage for the converter circuit of the Induction Furnace are referred to as Induction Furnace Transformers. Thus, they are essentially Rectifier/ Converter Duty Transformers.

Depending on the rating of the rectifier transformers, the input voltage is derived from standard three-phase AC distribution voltages like 3.3 KV, 6.6 kV, 11 KV, 22 KV, 33 KV, 66 KV etc. These become the primary (or line side) voltage of the transformer. Secondary (or cell side) voltage can be between 400 to 1100 V decided by the required D.C. output Voltage.

Product Details:

Induction Melting Furnace Transformers are manufactured for four types of Pulse system:

  • 6 Pulse
  • 12 Pulse
  • 18 Pulse
  • 24 Pulse

The most important aspect of a furnace transformer is its ability to withstand frequent short circuit, which needs selection of proper conductor size, type of coils used and selection of current density of conductor and flux density of CRGO core for better Short Circuit Protection..

Our Transformers are installed with Furnaces of :

  • Inductotherm
  • Meghatherm
  • Electrotherm
  • Indotherm
  • G.A. Dannially


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